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                        Irish Pub
"Cape Cod's Irish Pub, West Harwich. There's always a good vibe at the Irish pub, which has drawn crowds for nearly two decades. They come for good Irish music, and of course, some great Irish beer.."
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Irish Pub Photos

Irish Pub Photo Albums on Picasa containing albums from 2009, 2010, 2011 and 2012, 2013, and 2014 Road Races

(hundreds of photos and videos)

video at the finish line 2011 Irish Pub
                        Road Race

2011 Irish Pub Road Race
                                        photo albums on Picasa
2011 Irish Pub Road Race photos - Finish Line& Awards (130 photos)
2011 Irish Pub Road
                                      Race photos - various
2011 Irish Pub Road Race - various (30 photos)


Irish Pub Road Race Photos 2010

2010 pre-race
                                        photos by Noreen
2010 Irish Pub Road Race - pre-race photos (68 photos)
Start of the road
                                        race 2010
2010 Irish Pub Road Race - start of the race (76 photos)

Irish Pub Road Race Photos 2009

2009 Irish Pub Road Race - race photos (291 photos)
2009 Irish Pub Road Race - post race (202 photos)


Irish Pub Road Race Photos 2007

Start the
The Start of the 2007 Race (click photo for album).

The Finish Line in front of The Pub:

                          girls getting a good start in the 2007 Irish
                          Pub Road Race
A photo finish for these runners
(click photo for finish line album)

Refreshments and Entertainment at The Pub After the Race

                          in their categories
Winners in their race categrories share a moment of glory
(click photo for post-race album)


Staff 2007staff2007Staff2007

Louise helps register runnersBob assists with registration

Bill & Maura assist with registration

Mariah helps outKevin & Brendan

The WaterBoyswater station along the route

the fire brigade if forming the band

Some of the Irish Pub staff, road race volunteers, and The Shananagans, the band that entertained the crowds in the afternoon, along with the fire brigade of pipers at the 2007 Irish Pub Road Race.




                            Cod's Irish PubMemorial Day Weekend May 2004

This is a shot of Dan O'Neill, a member of the Casterbridge Union band. Dan and Brendan O'Reilley are the owners of Cape Cod's Irish Pub and have gathered quite a following over the years they have been playing here, along with band member Mike O'Toole. You'll hear them playing most Saturday nights in the summer.
[Click on the photo to the right to view photos of Memorial Day weekend 2004 at the Irish Pub. ~ 16 photos in an album page with larger image options.]


                            Pub Road Race 2004Irish Pub Road Race Photos 2004

Signing in, the staff and volunteers, the crowds, the start, waiting for the winners to cross the finish line, the finish line. Five pages of 30 photos each page with larger images available for each photo (just click on the photo you want to see close-up or to start a slideshow).
Click on the photo on the left to view the album.)



Shananagans at the Pub September 2003

The Shananagans entertaining on Road Race Day at Cape Cod's Irish Pub.

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